CCVW – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will only teams from Chevron be participating?

A: No. While nearly three-quarters of the volunteers are from Chevron, many other local businesses provide teams also.

Q: Is there a fee for participating?

A: No. Chevron is the presenting sponsor, so the Crisis Center will not charge a fee to CBOs.  You will need to provide materials and supplies for your project.

Q: Can more than one project be submitted?

A: Yes, multiple projects are encouraged to allow more teams to participate and accomplish more for your agency.

Q: Do all projects get filled/Are volunteers guaranteed for my project?

A: No. We encourage you to make sure your project description is accurate and engaging to attract teams.  Unfortunately, each year a small percentage of projects are not selected.

Q: Can I submit project for Alameda and/or Contra Costa counties?

A:  The event does cover Alameda AND Contra Costa counties, so technically, both/either is great. However, closer proximity to San Ramon and Richmond may be more relevant geographically than  county lines.

Q: Our organization participated last year. What happened  to my old login/user id/account?Do I have to create a new account?

A:  All organizations need to create a user account. This is new software in 2017, and even though the event is essentially the same, it is now administered by the Contra Costa Crisis Center. There is a new database for managing the event so accounts are necessary for all agencies and nonprofits. This step will not be required for returning participants next year.

Q: I have questions about the software.

A. Project Software Webinar (Optional): On April 13th, 2017, the Contra Costa Crisis Center and Galaxy Digital hosted a webinar for all our partners to learn how to create their user account and submit projects on the new event management software the Contra Costa Crisis Center will use to manage Corporate Volunteer Week. This live and interactive session was recorded and provides helpful orientation. View the recorded training here (optional).


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