Grief Counseling

Our grief counseling program was founded in 1973 and provides individual and group counseling to nearly 1,000 youths and adults each year.

Our confidential and free services are provided at various locations throughout the county. We offer grief response teams to schools and businesses upon request after a student or colleague has died.

Through a partner relationship with the county coroner’s office, our staff receives referrals and may, with permission, proactively contact next of kin and inform them of our services following a death. In addition, law enforcement officers request information regarding our grief counseling program at death scenes.

Individual Counseling

We provide group, couples, family, and individual counseling in our offices in Walnut Creek. Individual counseling is conducted by trained Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapists  or Associate Professional Clinical Counselors which can be one-time or last for months, depending on the needs of each client.

Support Groups

We operate a number of support groups throughout the year, including groups for teens, parents, survivors after suicide, and those who have lost a loved one in a sudden, violent, or traumatic manner. Groups run eight weeks on and two off all throughout the year. Individuals are welcome to receive both individual and group counseling if they choose.

Next Session

The Crisis Center offers the  groups in 6-8 week sessions throughout the year.

Support groups are offered free of charge, however preregistration is required.  Contact the grief counseling program to enroll in the next session of support group at 211 or

Mobile Grief Response Teams

The Mobile Response Team provides a rapid, field-based response to provide grief and crisis counseling at schools and businesses following a death, disaster or other critical incident. This counseling orients friends, teachers, and colleagues to a trauma response including the grief process. If a student dies by suicide, we counsel school personnel in actions that reduce the likelihood of “copycat” behavior, as well as appropriate ways to discuss suicide and memorialize the deceased.  You can also download the mobile-response-team-overview here.

For immediate, 24-hour phone counseling, call our grief line at 211. For more information on our grief counseling program, contact our staff at