After she was laid off…

A story of hope

After she was laid off, she felt like she had no choice. The company she worked for in another state lost business and there were no other jobs to be found. She applied for and was hired by a company in Martinez. The stress and cost of relocating, however, plus a challenging transition in her new job, took their toll.

Her new boss was difficult to work for, yet the economy was so bad that she didn’t feel that she had other options. Adding to the pressure, her new company had a policy that required her to stay two years or return the relocation money she received. Frustrated, lonely, and “at the end of her rope,” she called our 24-hour crisis lines.

Hearing the deep pain in her voice, our counselor asked the woman the toughest question of all: “Are you feeling suicidal?” She paused, gulped audibly, and said that she’d thought of killing herself because her life seemed so hopeless. She’d even thought about how she’d do it, and had developed a plan.

After carefully assessing her risk and working through a safe plan with her, our counselor suggested other options. She wasn’t in a union so he encouraged her to work directly with her employer’s human resources department. He also provided a referral to the California Department of Fair Employment and Fair Housing. At the end of the call, the woman said she felt better having talked about her situation. Most importantly, she said her thoughts of suicide had subsided and she knew she wasn’t alone in dealing with difficult problems.