He had started a $50,000 job…

Story of Hope

He had started a $50,000 job after many months of part-time work. Then he had needed surgery. At the same time his landlady, who had serious mental problems, evicted him.

It was a weekend, six days from his first paycheck, when the hospital released him. He had nowhere to go and no money. A secretary at his new job lent him $10 for gas, but he felt it would jeopardize his position if he discussed his situation with co-workers or his boss. For two nights he slept in his car.

Back at the hospital for a checkup on Monday, a nurse discerned his plight from his unkempt state and called us. He had already been to the credit union that day, but was too new a member to qualify for a signature loan. When the nurse talked with him, he was truly desperate.

The two nights in a motel saved his life, he said. Wednesday was payday and his crisis would be over. He asked how much the two nights cost because he wanted to send us a check to pay for them. Our crisis counselor told him that grant funds allowed us to provide emergency lodging but that he could send a donation to the agency if he wanted. He asked for our mailing address and said he would put a check in the mail as soon as his paycheck cleared.