He was living with AIDS/HIV…

Story of Hope

He was living with AIDS/HIV as well as bipolar disorder. He also had moved in with his mother at age 38 after losing his job, and was fighting with her. When he called our crisis lines, he was contemplating whether to check into a hospital for treatment or kill himself.

Although he had a large support network of therapists, psychiatrists, and medical staff, he admitted that he had not been honest with them, failing to disclose issues related to his mental illness and his thoughts of suicide. Together, the caller and our phone counselor began formulating a safety plan. This included immediate treatment because of the caller’s heightened anxiety. The caller agreed to have a friend transport him to a hospital for psychological evaluation. He also gave us permission to call him afterward to check in to see how he was doing.

During the follow-up call, he said that he was grateful for our support, had re-evaluated his situation while in the hospital, and felt motivated now to take steps to address his mental health issues and his suicidal impulses. This included opening up to his therapist and addressing the issues that he had denied for so long.

Another crisis line counselor called him a week later. The man said that he was continuing on the same positive path, working with his mental health providers to stabilize his medications and address the issues that led him to contemplate suicide. In addition, his mother had entered treatment herself so that she could cope better with his bipolar disorder. He thanked us for our help, said he hoped he would never feel that desperate again, and added that if he did, he would call us for support.