He worked full-time to support his family…

Story of Hope

He worked full-time to support his family, but because of his drug and alcohol use his wife didn’t want to be with him anymore. At the time of the call, the father had been wandering around the streets for 48 hours trying to think of what he should do. He loved his family; they were everything to him. They didn’t want him anymore, though, and he felt that he had nothing to live for.

During the call, our counselor learned that 15 minutes beforehand the caller had swallowed 20 or more sleeping pills. Now he was having second thoughts about dying, but didn’t know exactly where he was. He did his best to describe what he was wearing and what he saw around him, but the effects of the sleeping pills made it increasingly difficult for him to communicate. His voice became weaker as precious minutes passed.

When our counselor had a description of where the caller was, she relayed it to the police. Five minutes later, they spotted him lying unconscious at the base of a phone booth and rushed him to a hospital emergency room. The next day we learned that he survived his suicide attempt.