Her life was falling apart…

Story of Hope

Her life was falling apart. A few days earlier, her husband told her he didn’t love her anymore and wanted a divorce. Then her doctor told her that he suspected a recurrence of cancer and needed to do further testing. She felt that she didn’t have the will to deal with the disintegration of her marriage or the energy to endure another round of cancer treatment. She decided to kill herself by overdosing on prescription medication after she got home from work. Initially she felt a sense of relief with her decision, but as the day progressed she started having second thoughts. She felt physically ill and left work early. As she drove home, she worried about what she might do. She pulled to the side of the road and called us.

A crisis counselor talked with her for well over an hour, talking the caller down and contracting with her on a safety plan. During the following two weeks, seven follow-up calls were made to the woman. Each time our counselors provided emotional support and guidance. As a result, the woman reconnected with family members who previously she was estranged from because of her marriage, as well as with friends. She also re-engaged with her church, made an appointment to see the oncologist, and followed up on referrals to local counseling services.

About six months later, the woman called back to report that she was doing well. She was divorcing her husband, who she decided had a negative, controlling impact on her, and was living with other family members. Her cancer was in remission, and she felt hopeful about her future. She expressed gratitude for our support during this difficult period in her life.