The family was homeless…

Story of Hope

The family was homeless. The man, his wife, and six-year-old son had been living with his brother and family in a small apartment; however, the landlord told the brother that there were too many people in the apartment and the caller’s family had to move. They didn’t know where to go, and had heard that 211 could help them.

The caller’s biggest concern was that his family would be separated. His wife, in particular, was afraid that she and her son would have to fend for themselves at a shelter. Our 211 call specialist assured the family that as long as they had a marriage license the family would be kept together. The specialist called several family shelters in the county and was able to place them at a shelter in Richmond. She also referred them to other services—job training, health care, food, and transportation. The family stayed in the shelter two months, then was able to move into their own apartment in Concord.