The man already had made a suicide attempt…

Story of Hope

The man already had made a suicide attempt the night before. He’d been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and had been struggling with rapid mood swings, though for financial reasons he hadn’t been able to see a therapist for over a year. He also had been involved in a romantic relationship with a man in another state for several months, but found out the night before his call to us that this man had been unfaithful. The caller had strained relationships with his family members, and didn’t feel comfortable discussing his problems with his few friends. In his despair, he consumed alcohol and sleeping pills.

When he reached out to us, he was still in a deep depression, and had ongoing thoughts of suicide. Following his initial contact call, Crisis Center counselors made several follow-up calls to him over the next two days. We provided emotional support and allowed him to openly discuss the many issues he’d been holding inside. We encouraged communication with his family and worked to develop a safe plan he could use when dealing with imminent suicidal thoughts. He also made a commitment to avoid drinking in the foreseeable future.

Due to his dissolved ties with his therapist, we provided a referral for low-cost counseling in his area and encouraged him to make an appointment. We explored other options as well, and suggested that he be assessed for a potential adjustment to his medications. In addition, we referred him to a group that offers therapy, seminars, and consultations for gays and lesbians.

On our most-recent contact, he told us that the frequency of his suicidal thoughts had decreased, and he had made an appointment to meet with a mental health professional. He also was planning to contact the other referral we provided, and is reconnecting with a previous romantic partner and working through some of the lingering feelings from that relationship. He said that he’s hopeful and optimistic, and knows that our lines are here for him to call again if he needs to.