The person on the line was only three…

Story of Hope

The person on the line was only three years old. Police had just left her house after a traumatic event. She was crying hysterically and her mother couldn’t calm her down. “Will you please talk with her?” the mother asked our crisis counselor.

“Sure,” he said, not sure at all what he could say to a three-year-old. When the little girl came on the line, he told her to think of him as her grandpa. “I love you just like your grandpa loves you,” he said. “And your mommy loves you, too. Everything’s going to be all right, but if it isn’t, or if you just want to talk again, ask your mommy to call this number. Okay?”

The little girl stopped crying. “Okay,” she said. “Thank you.” The mother thanked our counselor, too, then hung up.

We still think about that call sometimes. It’s a tribute to our agency that a mother has enough trust in us to put her young daughter on the phone to talk with a stranger.