Three years ago they were failing classes…

Story of Hope

Three years ago they were failing classes. They also had alarming truancy rates and no hope for the future. That all changed three years ago when our youth services coordinator, LaShonda Taylor, began a weekly, on-campus support group for high-risk girls at Hercules High School.

Since meeting once a week during lunch period, the girls’ attitudes, behavior, and grades have changed dramatically. Recently, all 10 seniors in the group submitted applications to four-year colleges. The other two girls—both juniors—are striving to maintain good grades so that they can apply to college next year.

One of the projects LaShonda did with the girls was to have them construct vision boards. These are artistic poster boards that highlight all of the goals a person expects to accomplish within a specific
time frame. The group decided that up to age 35 was appropriate. All of the girls put graduating from college on their vision boards, plus working in fields that help others (at a nonprofit agency, as a doctor, etc.).

The transformation in each has been stunning. Says LaShonda, “I’m proud of them and wish them a lifetime of success.”