When she was 14…

Story of Hope

When she was 14, my only child died suddenly. My husband’s life and mine were turned upside down. We didn’t know if or how we could go on. It was the grief counseling services we received from the Contra Costa Crisis Center that gave us the help we needed to survive the unimaginable. The Crisis Center was our lifeline of hope.

If you’ve never had to endure the death of someone you love—a child, spouse, sibling, parent, friend, or someone equally dear—be thankful. It’s the worst experience there is. The pain never goes away. Feelings of sadness and loss are with you for a long time.

It’s possible, though, for grief to take a backseat at some point, to not be the most dominant thing in your life. It’s possible to fi nd rays of sunshine again. The Crisis Center helps you learn how.

I’m lucky. When our daughter died, my husband and I didn’t have to face grief alone. The Crisis Center was there for us. It’s also there for countless others when they need it most, when life seems unbearable and there’s no apparent reason to go on.

Today, I’m a volunteer grief counselor with the Crisis Center. I provide individual counseling and facilitate a support group for parents whose child has died. My husband and I also have two adopted girls. They don’t replace the daughter we lost, but we love them just as much.

Each journey begins with a step. When we took our fi rst step into the Crisis Center, our journey had just begun. It continues to evolve.

I’m hesitant to tell my personal story, but I do in this case for one reason. The Contra Costa Crisis Center helped save my life.

—Nancy K.