Contra Costa Crisis Center Receives $25,000 Grassroots Recovery Grant from the Matthew Perry Foundation

(Walnut Creek, Calif.) – Contra Costa Crisis Center is honored and grateful to announce that we have been awarded a $25,000 Grassroots Recovery Grant from the Matthew Perry Foundation. This significant grant will support Crisis Center programs, providing much-needed assistance to individuals in crisis across our community. This includes 24-hour crisis lines – crisis counseling and emotional support for substance abuse, suicide, mental illness, child abuse, elder abuse, and more.

“The Matthew Perry Foundation values your tireless efforts for those on the path to recovery,” stated Nick Gaines, Political Director of the foundation. “Matthew’s vision was to help as many people as possible, and we’re reaching out to you to continue this mission.”

The Contra Costa Crisis Center is privileged to join the compassionate care network nurtured by the Matthew Perry Foundation. By connecting with like-minded organizations that share resources and best practices, we can amplify each other’s impact and further our shared mission of supporting individuals on their recovery journeys.

Addiction recovery is incredibly meaningful to the volunteers and staff at the Contra Costa Crisis Center who regularly speak to callers who are struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. Oftentimes, callers describe difficult circumstances in their lives that have caused them to use alcohol and drugs as a way to lessen the pain they are experiencing. They may have lost a loved one (due to death, or the ending of a relationship), lost a job, or experienced other difficulties in their lives that cause them to turn to alcohol or drugs. The Contra Costa Crisis Center provides actionable steps in addressing these challenges. 

They also assist in reducing the caller’s emotional distress. The center’s motto is: “with help comes hope.” The staff listens as callers describe the difficulties in their lives, and provide active support. They may also connect them with resources in the community that can help in addressing reliance on alcohol and drugs including directing callers to the AODS line and to inpatient and outpatient providers of addiction care

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Matthew Perry Foundation for their support and for recognizing the importance of the work our team and many volunteers do. Together, we are making a difference in the lives of many and building a stronger, more resilient community.


About Contra Costa Crisis Center: A resource in the community since 1963, the Contra Costa Crisis Center helps callers who are in suicidal distress, or who are facing other difficulties in their lives. They have grown over time from an all-volunteer resource to a volunteer/staff non-profit organization. The center now handles over 6,000 calls per month, including 211 community resource requests and the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline. They are accredited members of the American Association of Suicidology, InformUSA and International Council for Helplines.

About the Matthew Perry Foundation: The Matthew Perry Foundation is committed to eliminating addiction stigmas and ensuring that everyone has the resources and opportunities to thrive in their recovery journey. By supporting local organizations through the Grassroots Recovery Grants, the foundation empowers essential groups to provide hope and recovery to those affected by substance use disorders, fostering a collaborative effort to build a brighter future for all.