Wendy Diaz is our Help Me Grow Care Coordinator.

Wendy previously worked with Aspiranet in Antioch where she served as a Therapeutic Behavioral Support Counselor for the last five years for children under the age of 18 needing mental health support.

She was also there as an Intervention Specialist for children who were special needs and on the Autism Spectrum, and she also did some work as an administrative assistant at the same time.

Her favorite thing about the Crisis Center so far? “I really like how friendly and welcoming everyone is. I know that if I have a question, I can find someone to help me.”

Wendy is an alumni of Liberty High School in Brentwood, is bilingual (English and Spanish) with a Masters in Human Services, a Bachelors and Associates in Psychology, and currently lives in Brentwood.  She enjoys baking, reviewing food places, traveling, and watching anime when she has some spare time.

Welcome, Wendy!

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MORE CALLER STORIES from people we are helping each day:

  • A caller from Pinole was exposed to a family member with coronavirus and quarantined, along with other family members exposed. With two children at home, and no grocery delivery options for EBT, she called 211 for help. We connected her to emergency food delivery, and it “restored (her) faith in community.”
  • Our follow up system helped a suicidal homeless caller stay connected. When she first called, she was in great distress and at high risk for ending her life. We advocated for her with local shelter provider, helped her become calmer, and connected her to services. Through a series of calls to check back with her and connection to the right help, she reclaimed a more hopeful outlook.

Donate here to help those calling in crisis!

This pandemic is creating so many losses of life and losses of “what normal life used to be like”- and all of these losses can be difficult.

Here is some helpful information about coping with the losses from COVID-19.

Coping with Loss in the Pandemic

Learn more about our grief support here.

Visit https://my2020census.gov to be counted! However you participate, online or phone, it is so important to be counted!

Please call us at 211 for info or text your zip code to 898211 to text with us. We are here for you.

Census 2020 California State Website

Census 2020 Contra Costa Website

Pledge to be counted! #CountMeIn #WeAllCount #AmericaCounts


  • A family called 211 after their home burned. Fire fighters arrived and the family (4 adults, 3 children) made it out safely. The landlord had no fire insurance and was willing to let them sleep in the yard in a camping tent, promising to fix the house eventually. The mom called us asking for assistance. The adults have not been able to work due to COVID-19 and family was in need of blankets, some dishes and food, and concerned for one of the kids with asthma.
  • A caller who is disabled, female, mid 50’s lost her caregiver because of COVID-19. In need of help to get groceries, she tried Next Door volunteers. They kept some of her money and did not buy all her groceries. She is unable to use delivery as she is not physically able to bring in groceries. Feeling frustrated and scared, she called 211 for help.

    One of our friendly and helpful call specialists is seated at desk viewing computer screen and answering phone.

    Robert taking calls

Donate here to help those calling in crisis!

As the economic toll of #COVID19 hits our communities hard, hunger is a growing concern.

Easily find food banks, school meals, and senior center food distribution sites!

Fortunately, free and low-cost food providers are ramping up their service, in a way that maintains social distancing. We can help you find them! Use this map to find the nearest food support to you. Or call us at 211 (or text your zip code to 898211) and we will help you find the providers near you.

Image of grocery items like cereal and canned goods.

Find food support near you

To help with the stress, fear and anxiety that has overwhelmed many of us, we’ve created tip sheets for family discussion and parenting, as well as tips for colleagues and self care.

Discussion Questions for Families and Students

Tips for Parents of Teens

Tips for Parents of Young Children

Tips for Teens

Tips for Self Care

Tips for Colleagues


Please call or text us (Call 211 or text HOPE to 20121) if you or someone you love is struggling emotionally or needs to be connected to resources during this time.


So much has changed in the last several weeks, we had no idea that our worlds were going to be turned upside down by the coronavirus.

Or that the associated worry, isolation, loneliness, and anxiety would be something that everyone, across the country and around the world, would experience.

The isolation and uncertainty of COVID-19 is difficult for everyone, and especially those who may already be suffering from a mental health issue.

Please call or text us (Call 211 or text HOPE to 20121) if you or someone you love is struggling emotionally or needs to be connected to resources during this time.

If you have a workplace, group, club, school, etc., that is meeting virtually during the COVID19 crisis, please put them in touch with us (Scott) to schedule a mental health moment for your next Zoom, WebEx, call, etc.

Also, for coping with COVID19 situation, we’ve created tip sheets for family discussionparents of teensparents of young children, and teens.

Thankfully, there are many resources out there, but please feel free to use these as you see fit or share with others.

Stay healthy and safe!

To help during these challenging times, we presented as part of this webinar on teen stress. The webinar replay for Defusing Teen Stress: Navigating Tough Times and Finding Healing is now available to watch.

If needed, here are the resources mentioned in the talk. Please keep, or pass along to a friend or family member who could use the information.

Crisis and Suicide Hotlines:

    • In Contra Costa County:
      • Call 211
      • Or 1-800-833-2900
      • Text HOPE to 20121
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
  • National Crisis Text Line: send text to 741741
  • Get in touch with our panelists:
    • Graham Wiseman  (925) 209-6685 – graham@beingwellca.org
    • Scott Chavez ScottC@crisis-center.org
    • Melanie Wahlberg, CS (818) 300-1793 –  melaniewahlbergcs@gmail.com

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